“AK Stroy ltd” provide the whole scope of project management as well as general contractor services in full accordance with the state standards and also conduct the broad range of building and assembly works.

As a project manager we are involved in:

At the stage of preparing the investment project:

  • drawing up the business plan (including the estimation of capital expenditure volume);
  • assistance in choosing territory for building construction;
  • obtaining all necessary permissions and approvals (including technical conditions and construction permission by local authorities, preparing background documentation for project development, etc);
  • pre-tendering of architectures, contractors, manufactures and suppliers of material and components;
  • technical expertise of the project.

At the stage of implementing the investment project:

  • preparing the building site;
  • developing and approving of project documentation (including obtaining favorable conclusion by State Expertise Committee);
  • obtaining construction permission;
  • tendering contractors, manufactures and suppliers of material and components;
  • material and other resources supply control;
  • performance quality control;
  • work completion acceptance;
  • facility commissioning;
  • conveying facilities to owners or operating organizations;
  • performance quality control during guarantee maintenance period;
  • provision of regular financing of building operations for delay-free payment for works and services;
  • construction audit (including cost analysis of specified expense items and types of work, technical and financial appraisal);
  • if necessary providing audit work of contracting and subcontracting organizations’ activity;
  • supervising the execution of regulations by state regulatory authorities and field supervision;

Performing the functions of general contractor (competency certificate d. d. 1.02.2010 SRO NP “Stroiteli Peterburga” № 0090.5-20010.7810500893-C-157):

  • organizing the whole range of works on project construction in accordance with approved project documentation;
  • drawing up and exercising control over the general schedule of project construction;
  • coordinating and optimizing payment schedule of construction;
  • coordinating activity of subcontracting organizations;
  • ensuring the adherence of operations process on the building site;
  • ensuring the use of desired material resources and machinery in the process of construction;
  • ensuring the satisfaction of safety norms;
  • ensuring the rational use of site and environment protection;
  • start-up works of installed equipment and engineering systems;
  • conveying the turnkey project to the operating organization for further service in accordance with the established procedure;
  • handing over the facility to the acceptance committee;

With respect to estimated consulting services, the members of the company “AK Stroy” conduct the following:

  • estimating and expert evaluating costs for all kinds of building, project and engineering survey works;
  • preparing the tender proposal;
  • making the defect list;
  • protection of contractor’s interests in front of regulatory authorities and project owners;
  • drawing up acts according to form KS-2 and notes according to form KS-3;